YUMI is an English UTAU created/illustrated by theartsisticweeb (Raven). Her voice is also provided by Raven.



YUMI is a neko, not just created for the sole purpose of UTAUloid and VOCALOID, but she was also created to be the younger cousin of one of Deino's greatest derivative characters, Calne Ca (aka Calcium). She has the Soul Resonation power that she uses for people throughout her music.


The part of the name "yu" means "archery bow", and "mi" means "beauty; beautiful". Therefore, "YUMI" means "beautiful archery bow".


Her design was inspired by Calne Ca and IA, explaining that Raven's favorite characters were Hatsune Miku, IA, and Calne Ca. She has an amazonian type figure. Her character item is her cherry red guitar. Her fashion preferences are best described as "punk rocker". She walks in a very sensual manner. According to her illustrator, her nekomimi speakers cannot come off, unlike SeeU's. She has waist length red hair and almond-shaped yellow eyes, the [right eye] being black. in similarity to Calcium's [left] eye. She wears a black collared long-sleeved shirt with small but visible pockets, a red plaid skirt, black knee-high stockings, white shoes with blue belts, and small headphones with microphone.


Calne Ca; YUMI's older cousin, they have a similar relationship that of Mettaton and Napstablook. She is known as the shy cousin.

Examples of Usage/Signature Songs

Unspoken Pressure

The Kids Are Not Alright

Latest activityEdit

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